We bring back the competition to Company of Heroes since 2016

Round 1: 27.2. - 3.3.
Round 2: 5.3. - 7.3.
Round 3: 9.3. - 11.3.
Quarterfinals: 13.3.- 16.3
Semifinals: 18.3. - 20.3.
Finals and 3rd place match: 22.3. - 24.3.

Finals and 3rd place games CASTS: Saturday 18:00 GMT


aka "The Wonderkid"
  • 1 SNF S03 Title Fight #3
  • 2 SNF S03 Title Fight #4
  • 1 GameReplays XXV
  • 2 WmD Invitational
  • 2SNF S04 Contender #2
  • 1SNF S04 Contender #4
  • 1SNF S04 Grand Finals
  • 3Open Beta 1v1
  • 1Clash of Titans
  • 1Operation Charlie Fox
  • 1Star Crossed Cup IV
  • 1EU Cup #9
  • 3EU Cup #13
  • 3EU March Finals
  • 1NA Cup #5
  • 1War Paint Championship
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the DAMN EVIL VISCIOUS MOUSE is back to conquer the throne of the KING OF KINGS BKMODTEST! The probably best, no no no no no, i mean the probably VERY BEST, no no no, i mean the definately VERY BEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME will cause the whole company of heroes community horrible nightmares, while the viewers and players waiting for the arrivement of THE WONDERKID.

    Wehrmacht: 36 - 0
    USA: 52 - 4

    aka "The Chosen One

    Magnolia is an top-player in 2vs2. He is funny and gives the community a good touch. He is improving, pratice verry much cause he wants to become an elite-players in 1vs1 as well. We like that attitude and support that! Good luck Dude.

    Wehrmacht: 36 - 0
    USA: 52 - 4

    aka "Tim"
    • 1 WmD Invitational
    • 2 GameReplays XXV
    • 1 Streamers' Cup
    • 3 TFN World Championship
    • 2 Legend Never Die I

    You can´t touch him. Understand? You can´t touch him. Did you finally get it? You can´t touch him. Okay, let me say this one more time, loud and proud, one more time for all the people who won´t understand that, let me say one more time, that you can´t touch the FLLLLLLYYYYYING DUUUUUUUUUUUUTCCCCCHHHHHHHHMAN!!!!!

    Wehrmacht: 39 - 4
    USA: 0 - 0

    aka "KoreanPark"
    • 2 SNF S03 Title Fight #3
    • 2 GameReplays XXIII
    • 2 Star Crossed Cup IV
    • 4 NA Cup #7

    BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!! Watch out fellas, cause the EARLY NADES will cause some nice damage on your pussy wehrmacht units very soon. He is one of the true pioneers of company of hereos elite players. He is the one, who makes you forget about any other comeback. He is back, can you believe that, can you fucking BELIEVE THAT?!!! Back in buisness, back in the ring, back on the field, back to kick your god damn ass ladys. THE KOREAN ARMY IS RUNNING WILD ON YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

    Wehrmacht: 0 - 0
    USA: 0 - 0

    aka "S1mon"
    • 1 GameReplays XIX
    • 1 SNF S04 Contender #1
    • 1 TFN World Championship
    • 2 Operation Charlie Fox

    THE PEOPLES CHAMP is back to please all the fanboys all over the world. If you talk about the best player Company of Heroes ever had AIMSTRONG is probably one of the most called names. He had unbelievable tough fights against the other "best of the best" called players like DevM, Symbiosis, Aljaz5 and Sibernian Platoon, and we are happy that we will see this legend one more time on the biggest stage.

    Wehrmacht: 0 - 0
    USA: 0 - 0

    aka "Quantize"

    You maybe know Spanky from a couple of frontline-networks casts. He plays both coh games ,is well known and fought many top-players over the time. Spanky is a guy, you shouldnt underestimate and could bring some suprises with him. Kepp your eyes on this fella!

    Wehrmacht: 0 - 0
    USA: 0 - 0

    aka "LeProfessionnel"

    THIS MAN will rape you gently like a PROFESSIONEL. THIS MAN will teach every one the leasson of his lifetime, who didnt believe in him. THIS MAN is THE MAN you won´t face. CALL YOUR MAMA cause THE MAMBA... because no one else than MA MA MA MA MA MACARONNI is nothing else than BACK AGAIN!

    Wehrmacht: 23 - 0
    USA: 86 - 9

    aka "Tyranosaurus Modius"
    • 3 CoH will never die I
    • 1 Legends never die

    He is the ULTIMATE CHALLANGE for every, for the old and the new, single player these days. His stats speak for itself. He ist the devil with his sick smile sitting on his throne looking down to you. THE ONE YOU HAVE TO BEAT is him, it´s no one else than the modern COMPANY OF HEROES LEGEND, the INFAMOUS, the IMMORTAL heavyweight-champion of the world... BK MOD TEST!!!

    Wehrmacht: 1315 - 115
    USA: 512 - 44

    aka "MEAN GENE"

    SEXY LEXY the man, the woman, who also could be sexy as hell as an animal joined the turney and pleased many of his virgin-fanboys. Gene is one of these guys, who cared the most about coh and the community, he is more entertaining than anyone else and should have win the COH-OSCAR in every single category. He and Emilia Clarke shows, how beautiful eyebrows can be if you don´t rape them like the biggest bitch in da city. WELCOME

    Wehrmacht: 54 - 12
    USA: 64 - 18

    aka "Nashka"
    • 1 CoH will never die I
    • 1 Non Meta Cup
    • 1 EU Cup # 5
    • 3 EU Cup # 6
    • 3 EU Jan Finals
    • 3 EU Cup # 7
    • 3 EU Cup # 8
    • 3 EU Cup # 10
    • 3 EU Feb Finals
    • 3 EU Cup # 11
    • 1 EU Cup #12
    • 1 EU Cup #13
    • 2 NA Cup #2
    • 1 Coh1 steam Beta
    • 2 Halloween Cup

    In 2016 that guy came back to company of heroes, to win our first tournament and beat the young talent firefox in the finals. THE ULTIMATE DOMINATION conquered not only company of heroes 1, he also scared the elite of company of heroes 2. BUT THATS NOT ENOUGH for the EATER OF WORLDS, that BEAST IS STILL HUNGRY and you can be sure, that he takes company of heroes will never die tournament II VERY SERIOUS!

    Wehrmacht: 346 - 72
    USA: 574 - 44

    aka "Sasha"
    • 3 Legends never die II

    Where were you? You quitted company of heroes? I show you a guy who never turned his back to the game only he honestly love. I show you a guy who never goes down, a guy you can´t knock out. I show you a guy who never stopt being good. Good like you never was any time befoure. I show you the humble, the gently lucky STILET!

    Wehrmacht: 1282 - 164
    USA: 1551 - 228

    aka "James"

    I SHOW YOU WHAT I GOT!, thats what convuko must thinking currently, cause James, thats his name, is really exited and arrange many matches for practice these days. Convuko might be one of the underdogs in the tourney, but he is still a high-skill player and with some good strategy and passion, he could be a guy for the late-rounds.

    Wehrmacht: 1070 - 194
    USA: 1431 - 331

    aka "Numereur The Kebab Guy"

    Sefa is really humbe and thinks, he won´t have success in the upcoming tournament. But the truth is, that he is one of the smartest players out there. And when he finally finds his confidence, you can expect him to be ONE TOUGH OPPONENT!

    Wehrmacht: 594 - 215
    USA: 477 - 195

    aka "Wilson the HITMAN hart"

    The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be? Nosliw didn´t really know who bret the hitman hart is, but Nosliw got the same skill and charisma that the hitman has back in the days. So make sure, that you take him serious, when the HITMAN appears on the field, to make you a head shorter. SECRET TOP-FAVOURITE!

    Wehrmacht: 90 - 12
    USA: 95 - 11

    aka "Make S1mply cry again!"

    The dedicated Solan will be one of the underdogs in the tournament. Solan is without any doubt one of the most experienced players. He is intelligent enough to prepare good for the tournament. He fits perfectly in the player-roundup this time. He is also very handsome, as you can see.

    Wehrmacht: 927 - 385
    USA: 775 - 372

    aka "1 meter and ninety!"

    "ICH GEWINNE DAS MIT BUNKERN!", Luckbar recently made this huge announcement, when he told the twitch-chat that he will win the tournament with bunker! And since we all know, that his kack (i guess he ment cock) is still hard, we should probably believe him.

    Wehrmacht: 0 - 0
    USA: 0 - 0

    aka "Oli"
    • 3 CoH1 Steam Beta

    Popular player with some rage potential and bad behaivor from time to time. In spite of that, he is good enough to reach the semi-finals and even the finals. One of the biggest names in the tournament so far. He especially wanted us use the picture with his girlfriend because he claimed she was very hot. I'm yet to decide if i need to make another poll for this page.

    Wehrmacht: 12 - 3
    USA: 10 - 2 | 22 - 0

    B Sky Revolution
    aka "Florian the sexy nurse"

    YOUNG AND VERY TALENTED Florian is just 17 years old and already good enough to anger the very best. The tournament will give boys like him a huge chance and opportunity to grow and become a modern coh-legend. Revolution is also a pretty strong 2vs2 player and should have faced players like Axra and NiteNite many times befoure. So maybe that could give the advantage in some early round games.

    Wehrmacht: 238 - 61
    USA: 257 - 75

    aka "jeepistrolling"

    Stella Polaris is from Denmark, and yeah, you´re right, that's the country of Aimstrong. I don't know what happend in Denmark but many good players come from there. Can Stella Polaris walk the footsteps of Sandland, Aimstrong and other guys? He comes over from the 2vs2 area, but already got some experience in 1vs1 as you can see in his stats.

    Wehrmacht: 150 - 18
    USA: 103 - 24

    aka "Notorious"
    • 2 GameReplays XXI
    • 3 Sunday Night Fights Season II

    Who thought he would ever see this name in a company of heroes tournament again?KOT will bring back the OLD SCHOOl to the young kids and will met some well known faces from old times. Very nice to got him in the tourney, many guys noticed his application and was very exited as well. You´re welcome, Kot!

    Wehrmacht: 19 - 5
    USA: 79 - 26

    aka "Nikita"
    • 2 GameReplays XVI
    • 4 CoH1 Steam Beta
    • 4 NA Cup #3

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we could talk about old-school players and we could talk about Guderian. Guderian is one of the first legends and top-players coh ever had. He brought the community tons of casts, fun and competition. We see it as a huge compliement, that Guderian searches the competition in our upcoming tournament. Welcome back to the one and only COH.

    Wehrmacht: 414 - 117
    USA: 452 - 156

    aka "The Conscript"

    Bulat is finally back from the army, READY TO KICK SOME CANDY ASSES like The Rock would say. He is already showing his skill again, the rust is maybe just a myth for that tough guy. Bulat was one of the top-favourites, but since some coh legends signed up for the tourney as well, even Bulat will have a hard time!

    Wehrmacht: 414 - 117
    USA: 452 - 156

    aka "GoPepsi / LePepsi"
    • 1 Reddit 1v1 II
    • 2 Streamers' Cup
    • 1 Legend Never Die II
    • 3 Clash of Titans

    We are verry happy that this guy finally signed up. Pepsi is without any question one of the greatest players we ever had in company of heroes. Pepsi didnt just win a couple of tournaments, he also cares verry much about the community. If you ask people about him, they talk about him as a friendly and funny person. With him the tournament get some top-favourite more. Don´t miss his live-streams on twitch. This guy is entertainment!

    Wehrmacht: 246 - 24
    USA: 583 - 66

    aka "Miaour"

    IMeanIT was already a part of coh will never die tournament I. My spy FireFox told me that his usa play is pretty good and he isnt someone you want to underestimate. Miaur has to push himself to make it into the final rounds, even when he is one of the top-players in 2017, he also has to deal with the return of some legends like DevM, Noggano, Guderian, Kot and many more.

    Wehrmacht: 243 - 129
    USA: 819 - 311

    aka "Tag-Team Specialist"
    • 2 2vs2 Gamereplays XI
    • 1 2vs2 Gamereplays XIII

    Ra is an incredible, i know i say this a lot of times these days, but i really mean INCREDIBLE good 2vs2 veteran, who also got an amazing panzer-elite 1vs1 play, which we unfortunately will not see at the upcoming tournament. But when there is a 2vs2 player, that could suprise us all, it´s definately him.

    Wehrmacht: 15 - 5
    USA: 31 - 5

    aka "mrmojorisin1989"

    Risin is one of the most know members of the CoH community. Old school player, hosted some tournaments and made a significant effort to involve in activities that gather the whole community in one place, such as making the best CoH community group on facebook that still has daily meme posts. Hail Risin :D

    aka "SturmTigerAlastor"
    • 3 1on1 Summer Cup
    • 3 EU Cup #9

    Alastor played many tournaments in the past, so you can expect him to like the upcoming competition very much. Alastor himself is kinda humble, he describes himself as a midskill player, but he is pretty experienced in coh and coh2 and maybe just showing his pokerface. I really thing that Alastor will be something like a TOP-SECRET FAVOURITE like Nosliw. They are very similar in what they are and what they did. Many tournaments, much experience and pretty strong skilled.

    Wehrmacht: 346 - 72
    USA: 92 - 16

    aka "aka m10 rape train"

    NiteNite is a verteran 2vs2 player, but not very known outside the german community. The perfect situation to suprise us all. Since he played and dominate the 2vs2 sector a very long time, i´m pretty sure he would beat mostly every mid-skill player he could met in the early rounds. But if he has to fight a favourite, it´s on him to show, what kind of 1vs1 talent and skill he got. But one is for sure, that dude got the FASTEST MICROMANAGEMT ON PLANET EARTH!

    Wehrmacht: 8 - 2
    USA: 62 - 15

    aka "The Greek-Freak"

    Gravemouth is a friendly mid/high-skill player from Greek. He plays 1vs1 and 2vs2, was part of many tournaments in the past and on a good day, even a tough fight for the very best. Hide your girlfriends, cause as you see, that guy is a incredible good looking porn-star from the past!

    Wehrmacht: 389 - 174
    USA: 587 - 346

    aka "Police-Officer"
    • 2 CoH will never die I

    This young kid was on a great way to become the best player that plays regularly. When he beat BKModTest in the semi-finals of the coh will never dies tournament I, he wasnt even on top of his devolpement. But since real-life sometimes knocks on your door, the worst enemy this time is probably the rust. Is the incredible talent ready for the breakthrough? If it goes well for him, he will continue his path of destruction. He is on the same talent-level like the verry best, but once again, is he ready for the breakthrough?!

    Wehrmacht: 653 - 122
    USA: 653 - 122


    A veteran caster of the CoH series. A_E will be casting the semi finals and final in English. You bring the great battles, he'll bring the hype.
    Sultan & Medic
    Sultan and ishootmedics will cast some games with focus on the early rounds. Sultan is quite experienced and with special guests, this nice semi-profesional duo will bring you some fun.
    Xcom & Art Cast
    Xcom and ArtVandlay are two old Company of Heroes veterans who already cast games in the past. If you look for two professional guys, who take their work serious, you should check them out!

    aka "the MAN for the Website"

    He puts profile pictures with girls so that people don't suspect he's gay. Also a nolifer, noob and clearly no-girlfriend. He created this website and also likes to speak about him in the 3rd person mode. He is the creator of this awesome website. His skills are incredible. He cares about his country and politics.

    aka "The MAN for the Videos"

    Reckonner brings the entertainment to you. His videos are nice to watch and made with passion. Since Ulf asked him in steam "joe are you" instead of "how are you", he get a nice cool nickname - Joe!

    aka "The MAN for Everything"

    Played CoH since 2013 and finally showing himself and his stream in 2016 to the community thus gaining the fanbase he needed to organise the first part of CoH WND tournament. Likes to beat brits with flamer piospam and support veterancy followed by immense terror or quick blitz tactics. Also likes blitznades and rushing t3 completely neglecting the defensive wehrmacht mentality in the metagame.

    aka "The MAN for Interviews"

    "Im glad to help any way I can." Aveator is a huge coh-boy, who likes to help and pushes himself to make the community happy. He good some good connections to players and manages the social-media stuff for the team. Good man!


    1. timsk951 - $60.00
    2. 1aveator - $25.00
    3. iShootMedics - $50.00
    4. pionr - $26.77
    5. firefox - $21.39
    6. anonymos - $20.00
    7. JoeTheMofo - $180.00
    8. Ulf - $10.00
    9. BKModTest - $100
    10. Solan - 5$
    11. prosentti - $50.00
    12. cluttzasaurus - $10.00
    13. Xfox231 - $50
    14. Geheimratecke - $20.00
    15. darkfox101 - $5.00
    16. Yoppy159753 - $5.30

    Thank you very much boys - every penny goes to the winners!
    prize-pool: $615
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