Company of Heroes Will Never Die vol. 3 We bring back the competition to Company of Heroes since 2016!

Round 1: 10.11. - 12.11.
Round 2: 17.11. - 19.11.
Quarterfinals: 24.11. - 26.11.
Semifinals: 1.12.- 3.12.
Finals and 3rd place match: 8.12. - 10.12.


A veteran caster of the CoH series. A_E will be casting the semi finals and final in English. You bring the great battles, he'll bring the hype.

aka "The Website Guy"

He is the creator of this awesome website. His skills are incredible. He cares about his country and politics and he fucking shoots those damn medics.

aka "The Hype Videos Guy"

Reckonner brings the entertainment to you. His videos are nice to watch and made with passion. He also like to cast games so be sure to check out his channel.

aka "The Host Guy"

Played CoH since 2013 and finally showing himself and his stream in 2016 to the community thus gaining the fanbase he needed to organise the first and the second part of CoH WND tournament. Likes to beat brits with flamer piospam and support veterancy followed by immense terror or quick blitz tactics. Also likes blitznades and rushing t3 completely neglecting the defensive wehrmacht mentality in the metagame.

aka "The Interview Guy"

"Im glad to help any way I can." Aveator is a huge coh-boy, who likes to help and pushes himself to make the community happy. He good some good connections to players and manages the social-media stuff for the team. Good man!


1. T0eCutter - $4.51
2. BkModius - $66.06
3. GeneralCH - $4.50
4. Kaese - $18.92
5. stormthorn - $57.06
6. XanderMD - $9.23
7. 10bag - $0.66
8. Ulf - 0.62€
9. aKramme1337 - 26.64$
10. pionr - 9.31$
11. chefdersicherheit - 4.50$
12. Hazemag - 23.60$
13. FGG - 23.60$
14. 1aveator - 47.50$

Thank you very much boys - every penny goes to the winners!
prize-pool: $296.7
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